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COCONUT DRIP SPECIAL (Liquid Micronutrient)


  • Coconut liquid micronutrient contains essential macro and micro nutrients.
  • Application of Coconut biological boost improves physical properties of the soil and also imparts disease resistance in coconut.
  • Increases nut yield and oil content.
  • Prevents button shedding caused by iron and boron deficiency.
  • Prevents stem bleeding caused by copper and calcium.
  • Improves other nutrients availability to plant roots.
  • By liquid formulation of micronutrient, uniform application can be easily obtained.

Soil Application

  • For 1 acre, mix 10 litres of Bannari Biological boost - Drip special with 200 litres of water  and apply through drip irrigation or fertigation.

For Coconut root feeding  

  • Coconut drip special - 100 ml with 100 ml water per tree. 
  • Select a fresh and live root, cut sharply at an angle and insert the root in the solution containing 100 ml of  Bannari Biological Boost - Coconut drip special and 100 ml water in polythene bag. Secure the bag tightly to the root with a cotton thread. Repeat the dose in six months interval.
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