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To be used with bucket trap.

Crops - Coconut, Arecanut & Date palm.


Bucket trap + Red palm weevil lure - 1 no. per hectare on a stick at a height of 5 feet from the ground level.

Method of use:

  • Mix 10 gram of jaggery and rotten fruits if any in 2 litres of water in a bucket. 
  • Tie a thread at the top of the hole in the lid of the bucket. 
  • Then make three small holes in the top of the attractant vial and tie it to the bottom of the thread inside of the  plastic bucket. 
  • The attractant vial should be replaced once every 120 days.

Mode of Operation:

  • Both male and female beetles are attracted to the pheromone liquid scent used in the trap. The outside of the plastic bucket is lined with jute material, making it easy for beetles to cling and enter the bucket. So the pest population is reduced and the attack on the crops is controlled, the water level in the bucket should be maintained and replace once in a week and the beetles attracted to the bucket should be removed and  destroyed.
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